Here’s How Influencer Aimee Song is Using Her Chic Sense of Style for Good

The New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur and the founder of renowned fashion blog Song of Style teamed up with the WE Movement’s ME to WE for “The Journey Collection.”

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At Celeb Secrets, we’re probably one of the first to hop on the latest fashion trends to add some stand out pieces to our wardrobe. It’s even a bigger bonus when those pieces give back to the community!

New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur and the founder of renowned fashion blog Song of Style Aimee Song is doing just that with her new set of bracelets. Titled The Journey Collection, Song teamed up with the WE Movement’s ME to WE Artisan program and PacSun to make bracelets that not only go with every outfit, but also help women’s futures in developing countries like Kenya and Ecuador.

“I found out about [WE Movement] probably about 2 years ago,” Song tells Celeb Secrets backstage at WE Day California, airing later this summer on ABC. “I wanted to partner up with a charity that was doing something more than just giving money to certain causes. I learned that the WE Movement tries to create a sustainable environment or economy for people, whether it be in Kenya or developing countries and that’s what really intrigued me because it’s really all about a hand up and not a hand down.”

Photo Credit: ME to WE

Last year, Song travelled to Kenya with ME to WE and PacSun and met incredible women who were creating new journeys for themselves through financial empowerment. These powerful women, referred to as “mamas”—a mark of respect in Kenya—are community leaders, role models and protectors: unbelievably strong, fierce and innovative women who are raising the bar on what it means to be a mother. The bracelets were made by both Song and the “mamas,” giving each product a personal touch.

“I went through a lot of rounds with the mamas and also the design team and it really was a joined project. It wasn’t just me coming up with this design and creating. I had an idea but I wouldn’t have been able to execute it without the mommas and all the amazing people that worked on this project. I think that just goes to show that we can’t do anything alone. We need to help other people get help and just always remember that. Even Oprah, or people who are at the top of their game have had help along the way. So just not forgetting that and I think that’s kind of inspiring too,” she shares. 

Credit: ME to WE

Every piece sold from the collection helps to provide women in developing communities with financial literary training and business workshops.  With each purchase, Aimee is one step closer to reaching her goal of empowering 2,500 women tools they need to build a brighter future so they can earn a sustainable income and build a brighter future.

The Journey Collection is now available in store and online at PacSun and through ME to WE’s online shop.

Juliet Schroder

Written by Juliet Schroder

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