Here’s What Drake Bell Has to Say About a “Drake & Josh” Reboot

It’s not looking good, fam.


In a world of reboots, one can only hope that Drake and Josh will be added into the mix.

When speaking on the Comments by Celebs Podcast, which aired today, Drake and Josh star Drake Bell opened up about a potential comeback for the buddy comedy series and despite the potential reboot Bell spoke about in his interview with People a few weeks ago, it unfortunately looks like Drake Parker and Josh Nichols will not be returning to our TVs anytime soon.

“I fear that there’s a chance [the reboot] is going to be like Rugrats’ ‘All Grown Up’ and fall into that category of ‘that kind of sucked,’ Bells says in the podcast. “I’d rather have the feeling remain what it is right now.”

He continued, “If you got anything like a reboot for us, I’m afraid you wouldn’t be seeing Josh Nichols. You’d be seeing some incarnation that he created now.”

“I am Drake Parker; I’m just not as good at getting girls like him. Josh’s character was not Josh. When the cameras stopped rolling, Josh would be a kid into hip-hop from Hell’s Kitchen. He was not like a nerdy kid from San Diego. I couldn’t imagine seeing him want to put those clothes again and be that character so I feel like if it were a reboot, it would be something totally different.”

Drake and Josh was a live-action comedy series starring The Amanda Show alumni Drake Bell and Josh Peck as an odd couple of teen stepbrothers. An intelligent, sensitive Josh Nichols never mingled at school with cool, calculating charmer Drake Parker, until their parents wed and the teens moved in under the same roof. In the end, no matter how much their differences draw them apart, they always seem to meet in the middle, and their shared antics help to cement an ever-growing brotherly bond.

Drake and Josh first aired in January 2004 and ran for 56 episodes through September 16, 2007.

Written by Juliet Schroder

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