Here’s Why Alt-Pop Trio Ocean Park Standoff Is Our ‘Artist to Watch’ in 2017

Meet Los Angeles-based alt-pop trio Ocean Park Standoff, who is the first act on our Artist to Watch 2017 list.

Comprised of English musician/DJ Samantha Robson, singer/songwriter/vocalist and producer Ethan Thompson, and producer/drummer Pete Nappi, Ocean Park Standoff employ a feel-good blend of anthemic alt-pop and sunshiny, hook-filled electro-rock.

There’s absolutely no reason why we should all know each other,” admits Ronson, who first met Nappi when they were paired up in a songwriting session in late 2014. The two felt an immediate kinship and continued collaborating without any particular project in mind, and soon teamed up with Thompson. By early 2015, the trio had begun writing together almost every day at Ronson’s place by the beach, working in a sun-soaked bedroom that slowly morphed into their home studio.

The band decided to release two singles, in anticipation of their Hollywood Records debut EP, which is set to be released in March. The first single “Good News” delivers a soulful, piano-laced pop number that embodies the band’s mission of making music that “celebrates the small victories in life,” as Ronson explains. “It’s about recognizing that you have no control over how insane the world is, and trying to have fireworks for the little things that make you feel good.” While, “Photos & Liquor” infuses hypnotic guitar tones into a hazy meditation on how booze and a memory can warp reality.

Ocean Park Standoff‘s lyrics are deep, honestly beautiful, that paints a photo through their lyrics alone. Their different styles and asethics is not only their lyrics, but in their sounds, which balance each other out bringing a beautiful end product.

If you are searching for something genuine, that reminds you of a real life moment, tugging at your melancholy heart strings; this is the band for you!

“Good News” has over 2 million Spotify streams and was featured as one of the songs in Spotify’s “Best of 2016 Playlist”.

Want more of Ocean Park Standoff? Their first EP will be released on March 3 and you can catch them playing at SXSW this year.

Kennia Cardenas

Written by Kennia Cardenas