Here’s Why Everyone Is Obsessing Over New Clothing Line Fashion Nova

With new brands emerging on social media daily, the blatant obsession with “the new” and “the right now” marks a massive switch in the fashion industry.

Fashion is transitioning into a concept more ephemeral than it ever was, in a world of instant communication and continuous transformation. A trend can come one day and be gone tomorrow, wiped by the latest digital post. Buying an expensive outfit to only wear it a few times might be a thing of the past…

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

With new content being created and shared constantly comes the pressure of diversifying your closet. And for people trying to keep up that might be a challenge, financially. Brands like Fashion Nova made it their goal for anyone to look as amazing as their favorite celebrities, on a BUDGET!

Since Kylie Jenner released a picture of her sister’s new denim line on her Instagram, their similar style went viral on the online store for under $50! Fashion Nova now makes it possible for every girl to look and feel like Hollywood Royalty. Not only is it affordable, the brand knows how to spot a trend, making the entire shopping and browsing process way easier for you! Ranging from anything to dresses, loungewear, party wear and casual wear, you will be able to replicate any celebrity look you desire!

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Written by Diana Espir