ICYMI: A Tetris Movie Trilogy Is Happening

It’s really happening.

The first idea of a Tetris movie surfaced a few years ago and the world didn’t give it much thought. Many shook their heads and dismissed it as joke. Like how can you create a legit movie from a simple game? Who in their right mind would pay to see such a monstrosity?

But unfortunately (fortunately if you’re into it), not everyone seems to oppose the pitch. So now, the Tetris movie idea has oiled up its hinges and geared itself up for not just one flick, but three. Yes, a TRILOGY of movies. Three films fueled on nothing more than a simple video game. No real plot, no actual characters, no solid storyline. WTF right?

Once again, the details behind it are scarce. But it has been confirmed that it will be a science fiction film and “not at all what you think”. I know we should wait before we make any judgements, but you have to admit that a theme as naked as this one couldn’t possibly develop into anything worth watching. Or maybe it can?

Tetris The Movie will apparently have a budget of $80 million and will be co-produced between the USA and China under the new Threshold Global Studio banner. Filming is slated to begin in 2017 at Chinese locations with many Chinese actors/actresses at its disposal.

Who knows, maybe it won’t completely bomb. Maybe it’ll be the film of the century. Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see!

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