If Your Reading This…It Isn’t Too Late, Read Here For More On Drake’s New Mix Tape “If your reading this its too late”, @Drake

If your reading this its too late

Drake Surprised us all and ended the forever long debate “Which will come first, the Mix tape or the Album” Late at night Drake released his mix tape titled “If your Reading This It’s Too Late“. As soon as it graced the I-tunes it went off, within the first 20 minutes of being online Drake made 360,000. Although Drake has reputation of making his listeners upset, we were okay with this release. With the Valentines holiday coming up he brought music for the forlorn ex-lovers making it easy to go through this holiday, cause your never alone if you have Drake with you even if its through your earphones.

Rumors flashed rapidly from the release, questions circulated over whether or not one of Drake’s songs was circulated around Pop Princess Rihanna. Also many believe one of his singles focused on both Tyga on his relationship with Kylie and the Chris Brown triangle containing once again starlet Rihanna and on again off again girlfriend Karruche. All we know is as much as we hate Drake Hurting we love the music he puts out. He is one of the few artist able to connect to his listeners by being honest and that’s the best gift any fan can get. We haven’t got to see his View From The 6th, but from our view Drake your doing great. Check out a single from his Mix-tape and download the music on Itunes!

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