It’s Survival of the Fittest Tonight on ‘Startup U’ – See the Pics! (@ABCFamily @StartupUTV)


Some hard entrepreneurial lessons are learned in the wilderness on all-new episode of Startup U, airing on Thursday, September 17, 2015 at 5PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

In “The Great Outdoors,” the program’s toughest, longest challenge is finally here: Survival Week. Eager to give his students a unique perspective on building a business, Tim takes everyone into the middle of nowhere to complete several team-oriented tasks designed to make them better entrepreneurs. Never one to do things halfway, Tim puts Roc, former US Military and a survival specialist, in charge of designing the challenges and evaluating the students’ progress. Before they head out into the great outdoors, guest experts Gina Kloes (Founder, Lead Facilitator & Instructor of EOS Programs) and Felix Linn (CEO, Pinpoint Resource Group) prep the students for the tough road ahead by encouraging them to face their fears and literally break through the obstacles that have held them back. Survival Week is off to a rocky start when everyone misses the train, and Carly is injured during the trek across the city. From there, the experience only goes downhill. Meanwhile, Team Phoenix crumbles as Sharon and Tony continue to compete for leadership at every turn.

Gina Kloes (Founder, Lead Facilitator & Instructor of EOS Programs) & Felix Linn (CEO, Pinpoint Resource Group) are guest experts.

Check out some stills from tonight’s episode below.

Photos: Ron Koeberer/ABC Family

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