Jack Griffo & Isabela Moner Talk New Nickelodeon Movie “Splitting Adam” – Watch the Video!

James Dimmock/Nickelodeon
James Dimmock/Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon stars Jace Norman, Jack Griffo, and Isabela Moner are uniting in the network’s newest film Splitting Adamand CS4U has the scoop on why you should tune in straight from the cast!

In Splitting Adam, 15-year-old Adam Baker (Jace Norman) has a jam-packed summer schedule. Between juggling multiple jobs, babysitting his sister and helping Uncle Magic Mitch (Tony Cavalero) perfect his magic act, he barely has a moment to sleep, let alone time to pursue his dream girl, Lori (Isabela Moner).  After stumbling across a strange tanning bed his uncle brings home, Adam accidentally clones himself and finds the answer to all his problems–he can create multiple Adams.  The situation soon spirals out of control when Adam starts feeling weak and learns that if he doesn’t merge the clones back into himself, they could all be destroyed—including him!

CS4U sat down with Jack Griffo and Isabela Moner at a special screening VIP reception for Splitting Adam earlier this month in Hollywood, Calif. In our interview, Jack and Isabela talk about Adam and his six clones, their characters, their favorite memories from filming, and a juicy secret about Jace while they were on set! They also told us why they think you should check out Splitting Adam when it premieres on Nickelodeon — make sure to watch the video below!

Splitting Adam premieres tonight, February 16th @ 7PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

Jack Griffo & Isabela Moner Interview

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