James Freedson-Jackson Talks Working on SXSW Thrillee “The Strange Ones”

Chad Griffith

James Freedson Jackson is dishing all about his new mysterious thriller, The Strange Ones!

Directed by, Lauren Wolkstein and Christopher Radcliff, the film made its world premiere at the 2017 SXSW Festival in Austin, TX last month. 

The Strange Ones centers around two brothers, Sam (Freedson-Jackson) and Nick (Alex Pettyfer), who make their way across the remote American landscape, though this vacation may seem normal it turns dark after a series of mystery events arise that leads to a complicated and dark truth.


Celeb Secrets had the opportunity to chat with James about working with Pettyfer, pranking on set, and what its like to have a twin sister.

“Sam is a very complex character. he’s been through a lot. He’s hanging out with his brother, they go on a trip and this whole time he’s supposed to be questioning who are they? and why are they so mysterious and what’s going on?” James explains.

There were so many exciting moments that happened on set, but his favorite pastime was playing pranks on set with Alex.

“Alex and I play brothers in the movie and we ended up being really good brothers in real life. We hung out during the set, he was a prankster. I loved that about people. He would involve me in his pranks and I was the one he was doing the pranks too. So I was the one coming up with the pranks with him. We would just play tricks on people and it would be just so much fun. I loved hanging out with him. At the end of the filming on Alex’s last day, I played a prank on him. He was supposed to take a flight back to London but I had the director go up to him and say “we have to talk to you we lost clips of the movie and we need you to reshoot something so we already cancelled your flight and we were gonna tell you this before but it just didn’t come up” so we did it and Alex did not buy it because everyone started laughing but it was so much fun.”

He also dished to us what his favorite scene was to film and what it was like to get into character.

“In the ending where I’m being questioned by a detective and there are so many different emotions, I was playing in that part. There are so many different thoughts I was thinking and that was extremely fun. To watch the movie to see the whole mindset of while he’s talking. The whole manipulative side of Sam comes out in that scene and it was extremely fun to do that.” He explains it was a very challenging but fun role to play.

Towards the end of the interview, we chatted about what it’s like having a twin sister. He made our hearts melt by stating nothing but sweet things about his twin, Anita.

“My sister is my best friend. I mean we literally do everything together. She’s my best friend at school, she’s my rock that keeps the family holding together. She makes everyone happy. She’s just perfect and I love my sister.

So sweet!

Keep up with James Freedson-Jackson by visiting his website at http://www.jamesfreedsonjackson.com/


Written by Veronica Toscano

Veronica Toscano is an intern at Celeb Secrets. She is a communications major with a minor in TV/Film Production at Orange Coast College. She loves mac n cheese, art museums, photography, and film. In her free time, she enjoys going out to concerts, traveling, reading, and hanging out with friends.