Jayna Sweet Opens Up About Playing Natalie on Facebook Watch’s ‘Turnt’

After playing her character, Sweet learned to always stay true to who she is.

Are you a sucker for GOOD drama? We may have found your new TV addiction then!

Earlier this year, Facebook Watch released a new, 40-episode teen soap opera titled Turnt with a premise that is filled with scandalous hookups, budding romances and secret sex. One of the stars of the show, Jayna Sweetstopped by the CS studio to tell us why it’s a must-watch.

Sweet plays Natalie, who is an awkward, sophomore high schooler who doesn’t quite know who she is yet; she’s smart, cunning, observant, and a bit misguided! Her character is both memorable and an integral part of the series, which is a snapshot of high school life these days.

“Natalie is amazing,” Sweet says. “She started off as the nerd/kind of loner at the school. She doesn’t really have any friends and all she wants is to be liked. She kind of goes on this crazy journey of trying to change every aspect of herself in order to get people to like her.”

The 23-year-old actress even opens up about how relatable Natalie was to not only her, but other boys and girls out there, calling the process “cathartic” for her. Nobody is perfect, and Sweet wants to remind viewers that they are amazing just the way they are.

“We’ve all been there — I’ve certainly been there — and it was cathartic to work through that as Natalie and realizing that there’s no such thing as perfection.”

Learn more about Turnt by watching Jayna’s full interview now:

You can binge all 40 episodes of Turnt on Facebook Watch here

Written by Juliet Schroder

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