Jealous? Of Course We Are

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas has began his solo career and is refusing to stop. after posting his song “Chains“. He has recently posted the song “Jealous”. This song could have something to do with his girlfriend “Olivia Culpo” who also happens to star in the video.

If anyone is jealous its us, any girl who gets a song made about her, and gets to star in the film is worthy of jealousy. And to top it off by none other than Nick Jonas. After his first album “Who I Am” He took time off but It was worth it. This song has a sick beat that has you moving without realizing it. Of course the song also is easy to relate to for anyone in a relationship.

His album in the works is rumored to be inspired by Prince and Stevie Wonder which makes sense, since the song “Jealous” reminds us of an upbeat version of “My Cherie Amour“. We cant wait to see what he does with his album, but for now Check it out below its so cute!