Jena Rose is Hitting the Road This Summer with Aly & AJ

The pop singer says she was a “huge fan” of the duo growing up and will open for them beginning tonight in Seattle.

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Jena Rose is hitting the road this summer!

The 18-year-old is joining Aly & AJ on their headlining Sanctuary Tour starting TONIGHT in Seattle, WA. An Aly & AJ fan herself, Rose’s jam sessions with her friends have now turned into a reality as she’ll be sharing the stage with the pop duo through June 27th with closing night at The Fonda in Los Angeles.

“I was a huge fan [growing up],” the Texas native tells Celeb Secrets.

During her set, Jena will be performing her current single “Manners,” as well as songs from her debut EP Reasons and covers of her favorite tracks.

“‘Manners’ is about wanting someone to not only be kind to you in a relationship, but also to others. It’s so important to be respectful to people you meet – how you act towards those around you shows your true colors,” Jena says.

Celeb Secrets caught up with Jena recently to talk about “Manners,” touring with Aly & AJ, and what’s to come from her upcoming music. You can read the full Q&A below and keep up with Jena’s tour chronicles by following her on Instagram at @jenarosemusic.

Also keep your eyes peeled for her new song “Mad Man” dropping this Friday!

Celeb Secrets: Congrats on your new song “Manners!” Can you talk to us about the meaning behind the single as well as the early stages of writing/recording the song?

Jena Rose: “Thank you!! The song came about when my co-writer, producer, and I were eating dinner and the subject of ‘Manners’ came up. That how the concept came about and we took it from there. The song talks about wanting someone to not only be kind to you, but to everyone else around them. I think it’s so important for young women to be treated right and not settle for less than what they deserve.”

Celeb Secrets: What is a behind the scenes secret from making the track that people wouldn’t know when listening to it?

Jena Rose: “My co-writer, Scott Ritchie, producer, Michael Fatkin, and I all stood around the mic and sang the chorus about 50 times! We had to do it a bunch of different ways to make it sound like a choir!”

Celeb Secrets: 2019 is shaping up for you as you are about to hit the road with Aly & AJ this summer. Were you a fan of Aly & AJ before finding out you were going on tour? 

Jena Rose: “Omg yes I was! I remember jamming out with my friends to their music when I was younger! I was a huge fan.”

Celeb Secrets: What are you looking forward to most these upcoming shows?

Jena Rose: “I’m so excited to meet new fans and see the fans who have come to my previous show! It’s gonna be so fun to talk with everyone after the shows!”

Celeb Secrets: During your set, will you be performing any of the new music you are working on?

Jena Rose: “I’m working on a new EP right now and will be performing some of those song, some old songs, and a couple covers! I can’t wait!”

Celeb Secrets: What can you tease from the upcoming music? 

Jena Rose: “It is so completely me! It represents me as an artist perfectly right now and the songs are so cool and different than anything I’ve previously released.”

Written by Juliet Schroder

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