Jeremy Shada, Arden Rose, and Gabriel Conte Are Getting Political with “Mr. Student Body President”

The show’s second season is filled with political comedy you never knew you needed.

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When you scroll through social media, politics may possibly be the last thing on your mind. But what if it was smart political comedy with a purpose? That’s where New Form’s hit series Mr. Student Body President comes in — a new show that is unpredictable, brilliantly hysterical, and not your cliche drama.

Mr. Student Body President follows Tyler Pendergast (Jeremy Shada), the student body president of Berenger High School, as he runs the school along with his Chief of Staff, Hadley Pulito (Arden Rose). The series has relatable humor for any age, however, it specifically targets those who are still in high school dealing with the struggles of growing up and/or those who keep up with the political agenda.

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Since the first season premiered, we, along with many other fans around the world, could NOT get enough of the brilliant show that depicts the student body as Government Procedural. After a HUGE cliffhanger during the season one finale and year of waiting, season two dropped on the go90 app on November 30th — we’ve been glued to our screens ever since!

Celeb Secrets spoke to Shada, Rose, and Gabriel Conte at the season two red carpet premiere in Hollywood where they dished on what we can expect from upcoming episodes, how their characters have become their own, and behind-the-scenes secrets you don’t want to miss. The new string of episodes introduce new characters, new clashes, and a cast favorite — how Hadley and Tyler became the dynamic duo we know them to be. 

You can stream Mr. Student Body President on go90 here.

Kennia Cardenas

Written by Kennia Cardenas