Jillian Rose Reed Seduces a Chocolate Bar in New Music Video – Watch Here!


Well this is awkward on a whole other level!

Jillian Rose Reed recently released a music video on Funny or Die for her tween track Candy Apple Pink and it will literally make you laugh, cringe with second-hand embarrassment, and put you into a sugar-induced coma!

The skit revolves around an actual song that Reed had written and recorded way back when she was 13-years old. It was meant to boost her journey to Hollywood stardom, but unfortunately, not much came from it. But it’s not like that matters now right?

In the hilarious video, Jillian sports a metallic, pink mini dress while her back up performers do their best “teeny-bopper” impressions. She’s then seen gossiping with her clique of hot-messes when she comes across the one thing that no girl could resist: CHOCOLATE. But it’s not just any kind of chocolate bar (what fun would that be?). The life-sized chocolate bar is none other than her co-star Brett Davern! My #Jakara heart just swooned!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, a wild Molly Tarlov and Greer Grammer appear! There’s one last cameo at the end of the video that you have to see for yourself! Check it out!

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