Johnnie Mikel Drops Music Video for “Come With Me” – Exclusive Premiere

Celeb Secrets has the first look to the singer’s brand new single!
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Being a teenager is hard. From going to school and preparing for your future to maintaining a social life and figuring out who you are, there’s a lot to balance. Developing singer/songwriter Johnnie Mikel was playing guitar, piano, ukulele, banjo, mandolin and mastering Pro Tools to make some of the most fun and exciting music around today — grandiose pop with hints of R&B and a touch of soul — all while being a normal teen. 

Originally, from Bowling Green, Kentucky, Johnnie got his first big dose of culture when his family picked up and moved to New York City. The city exposed him to different art, music and fashion, and most importantly, the idea that being yourself is a good thing. “It’s the first time I saw the world for what it really is,” he says of his time in New York.

When Johnnie was 11, he started a blog where he was able to tell stories that detailed what he was going through and what he could absorb from living in Manhattan. He was a shy kid and storytelling allowed him to open up. A few years later when he finally got his hands on a guitar, something clicked. He could use the guitar, his voice and his writing skills to create musical stories. A move to Nashville followed where he took the lessons learned in New York and turned them into gorgeous songs.

One of those gorgeous songs is “Come With Me,” which Celeb Secrets is exclusively premiering the music video for today. The fun club song catches Mikel in a fun light while still maintaining a sense of mystery and is actually his favorite track he’s ever written.

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“”Come With Me” is one of my favorite tracks I’ve ever written,” Mikel shares with Celeb Secrets. “It was one of the later songs written for the project. I knew I was missing the high-energy single to introduce me to the world, and “Come With Me” was exactly what I was searching for.” 

The response to “Come With Me” has been nothing but positive, as its been climbing the radio charts all over the U.S. “When it started it’s trek up the US Radio Charts, it felt like all my hard work finally paid off, but it inspired me to keep pushing even harder,” he said. “It felt like a dream come true when the song started taking over the radio market and hit the charts, especially as a new artist.”

Check out the music video below and make sure to keep up with Johnnie by following him on Instagram at @johnniemikel. We predict big things from him in 2018.

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