JoJo Opens Up About Her Musical Return: “It’s Pretty Wild to Be ‘Coming Back’ at 24” (@iamjojo)

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Fans may recall JoJo as a “one-hit-wonder”, but the 24-year-old Massachusetts-born singer has just released a set of three singles last Friday that are absolutely killer; proving that she’s here to stay for a while.

JoJo Releases Three New Singles After 10 Year Hiatus – Listen to Them Now!

These singles come after her 10 year hiatus as she battled a record company that reportedly locked her into a contract. Her new trifecta of songs, which she describes as her “tringle”, has landed her the number-one trending search on iTunes in addition to praise from music critics across the United States.

Yahoo Beauty recently caught up with JoJo to discuss her comeback, how her girl squad compares to Taylor Swift’s, and her passion for advocating for legal protection of young musical artists, a very personal fight. Check out some of the highlights below!

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On her comeback – “It’s pretty wild to be ‘coming back’ at 24!There’s a whole group of young kids who grew up listening to pop music and they don’t know who I am. I think it’s wonderful because they’re so in tune with social media.”

On the release of her “tringle” – “I smiled all day when I announced my ‘tringle.’ It was really exhilarating. I flew from San Francisco to Los Angeles in one day and did a performance. It was very surreal to see what I’ve been fighting for come to fruition. I know it’s the beginning of the next chapter. I also may have shed a tear or two — so many emotions!”

She is advocating for legal protection for young artists – “I’m an outspoken person in general. I’m particularly passionate about protecting minors, and I don’t think anyone should be held to contract that they signed when they were 12. I felt trapped. We need better protection for children who are working in the [music] industry. I feel like [we] as artists need to come out and encourage aspiring artists starting in the industry.”

On her girl squad – “I know that Taylor Swift has the most beautiful squad of friends, but I have friends I grew up with”

Her go-to tattoo shop is Prix Adornment in SoCal – “I like being in tattoo shops. I like being with artists, including tattoo artists.”

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