Julianne Moore and Rosario Dawson Encourage Citizens to Vote Blue in This Year’s Midterm Elections

Your voice matters more than ever.

While we may not be electing a new president on Election Day, this Tuesday is JUST as important as it’s our time to have our voices heard and break the glass ceiling the Trump Administration has cast upon us.

Actresses Julianne Moore and Rosario Dawson have teamed up with We Stand United, an organization who unites popular culture and the progressive movement to build an unstoppable force to protect our democracy and advance social, environmental and economic justice throughout the United States of America, to urge voters to push a “blue wave” in the polls on November 6th.

In the new PSA below, Moore and Dawson address the ongoing humanitarian crisis that have happened due to Trump’s immigration policies.

“The administration talks about how we need to keep people away, but if we no longer care about people and humanity, then evil has already won,” says Sergio Cordova, a Team Brownsville volunteer leader featured in the video. “We become evil as a people.”

The moving video emphasizes that Trump violated international law by detaining children and families who were legally seeking asylum, cruelly separated families and put the children in cages, and when released from detention centers, asylum seekers are left without food or money. Furthermore, some immigrants were packed into “ice boxes” where the temperature is kept at 56 degrees.

“They created a humanitarian crisis by cruelly separating many of those families and putting the children in cages,” Moore says in the video, as audio of weeping children who had been detained plays in the background.

“Now, they want to imprison these children indefinitely,” Dawson concludes.

Take a look at the full video below and make sure to have your voice heard by getting out and VOTING this Tuesday!

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Written by Juliet Schroder

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