Just Seconds Apart Release New Music Video for “Santorini Dream” – Watch Now!


A few weeks ago, Just Seconds Apart took over our Instagram Story and gave us a behind-the-scenes tour of the music video they were filming that day. Turns out it was for their new single “” and we can finally see the finished project!

The scenic video portrays the band’s daydream of a picturesque day, complete with a top-down Corvette ride and studio jam session.

“Santorini Dream” unfolds with a melodic power, and with its bright rhythms and sweetly soulful vocals, the song showcases the smooth musicianship that makes Just Seconds Apart an unforgettable live act.

The new single was self-produced in the band’s bedroom studio, drawing from the self-taught production skills that Ari’s honed since age 13. Partly a nod to their Mediterranean heritage, the emotionally charged track reflects on new love and “how something can seem so crazy at first, but then you realize how amazing it actually is,” according to Alex.

“I was listening to a demo that Ari had come up with, and for some reason Santorini popped in my head,” adds Sela, the band’s main lyricist. “I looked it up and found out that the island was created by a volcanic eruption, so that sparked the idea of something beautiful coming from an unexpected beginning.”

Check out the music video below and view some BTS clips by watching the highlights on our Instagram page now!

Written by Jozie Schroder

Jozie is the executive editor and head of photography for Celeb Secrets and Celeb Secrets Country. She is a student at the University of Miami majoring in finance and minoring in public relations. When she is not with her sister Juliet coordinating business plans or attending red carpets, she can be seen as a dancer on the University of Miami Hurricanettes team, where she also runs the organization's social media accounts.