Just Wait on it (Some more), Drakes New Mixtape here’s the scoop! @Drake



Drake the Canadian native has been working hard featuring on so many singles the past year including “Never Satisfied” “Tuesday“, “Believe Me“, “Grindin“, “2 on Thotful“, “Recognize“, “Odio” and “Who Do You Love” and even hosting “ESPY’s”. We knew while he was doing this there had to be something in the works but we never got wind of a yes of no. Recently however we can share a sigh of relief to know the wait really is over. P-Reign has confirmed all rumors on a mix tapes in the works even stating that its going to be the best we have heard yet.

Along With the mix tape Drake is releasing his fourth album “Views From The 6“. One track leaked is rumored to coincide to the two weeks spent with pop star Rhianna in Paris, but nothing is confirmed.With certain tracks leaked however from the album we would think that the rapper will choose to just release the album before the mix tape, we wont know for sure but either way we are going to be completely ecstatic with either addition flowing through our ears.

And if this wasn’t enough this rapper is known to be one of the headliners for this years music Festival “Coachella”. We not be able to know when his albums are going to be released, and in what order but we know we are going to be very happy with Drake this year, (As if we weren’t every other).