Kalin White Address Kalin and Myles Breakup & Reveals Interest in Acting

Photo Credit: Joe Magnani for YSBNow
Photo Credit: Joe Magnani for YSBNow
Photo Credit: Joe Magnani for YSBNow

Kalin White, formerly part of Kalin and Myles, grew up in the Bay Area with a single mom, he described her as his best friend. “We didn’t have much, but I was always appreciative,” he said.

At a young age he loved to sing around the house, but was always too shy to perform for anyone besides his mom. This changed at his cousin’s birthday at the age of 14, “I got a little round of applause and that kind of broke me out of my shell,” he said.

In his sophomore year of high school, Kalin and Myles Parrish, recorded their first record! They made the song and put the music video out the next day. “I was getting acknowledged by people I didn’t even know,” he said.

Last week the duo devastated us here at Celeb Secrets and their fans by announcing their hiatus. Kalin revealed his aspiration during his interview with our friends at YSBNOW.

“In these past couple of years, I’ve taken an interest in acting,” he shared with YSBNOW. He plans on exploring new experiences and seeing what happens with his interests.

No matter what he plans to do we are eager to see what’s to come for Kalin. He’s got a lot of talent and wisdom to share with the world, “Sometimes it’s hard to shine a light on the positive.” he said.

“I think loving yourself, appreciating your values and being comfortable in your own skin really helps. Go out, do what you love, and don’t let anybody stop you. Love yourself, love your family, and everything will follow,” White says.

It looks like Kalin is wise beyond his years. We are excited to see where the future takes him!