KathleenLights Apologizes After Jaclyn Hill Snapchats Her Saying The “N” Word

Kathleen Fuentes aka KathleenLights posted a heartfelt apology on her Instagram following an accidental slip of words on Jaclyn Hill‘s Snapchat.

The YouTube stars were hanging out after collaborating on a new video when the Cuban-American beauty vlogger was caught on camera saying the “N” word while playing a heated video game. Jaclyn accidentally posted the video without hearing Kathleen and her husband’s desperate pleas to not post it. Fans of the two ladies were infuriated and disappointed with what they heard, especially since Fuentes is known to go to great lengths to keep her channel as family friendly as possible (the girl doesn’t even swear in the videos).

Jaclyn has since deleted said post and offered up an apology of her own. The two claimed that they were both drunk during the time of the incident and are doing all they can to make amends with those they’ve hurt and offended.

Jeffree Star chimed in with his thoughts by tweeting (and later deleting) the following:

“If you ask someone not to post something and they still do… What are the intentions?”

As far as we can tell, Hill and Star have been friends and always had only good things to say about each other (until now that is).

Jaclyn replied to Jeffree saying:

“I was drunk & continuously recording & so focused on Kathleen’s hilarious reaction to the video that I didn’t hear ANYTHING.”

Star shot back with:

“Yet I asked my audience a question and never @-ed you. Tell your followers to stop bullying me and being disgusting”

What do you guys think of Kathleen’s apology? Did Jaclyn purposely post it to sabotage Kathleen? Was Jeffree Star out of line for making such comments? Sound off in the comments!

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