KayBe’s Dreams About Her Crush Turned Into the Cutest Pop Anthem Ever

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LA-based singer KayBe has been busy in the studio perfecting her upcoming full-length album Love Songs. While we still have to wait for the self-written and produced full-length album, the brunette belle is giving Celeb Secrets readers an inside look by sharing the first listen to the record’s title track!

“[Love Songs] is one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever written,” KayBe tells Celeb Secrets.  “I was really crushing on this boy and if I wasn’t sitting at my piano writing and singing about him, I was in my car, at work, at the gym or anywhere else… thinking about writing his songs.  And I thought to myself… “I wonder if he has even once thought of me since the last time we saw each other.  Does he ever think of me.”  This song is the autobiography to my life… and about these boys… they could be doing ANYTHING and I’m here writing, singing, playing and falling in love songs.”

The bubbly pop song is not only super relatable, but also easy to sing along to with your friends. KayBe says that the lyrics are 100% real, and it gives us major Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me” vibes.

“I love this song is because I took absolutely NO creative license in writing these lyrics.  Sometimes I like to embellish or exaggerate a story or twist and ending to work it my way,” KayBe spills. “However, while writing this song, I literally thought about all the serious possibilities that this man could be doing right now instead of thinking of me.  Every line of this song is 100% true to a description of a day in his life.”

“When it came to recording and producing this song, I kept it simple (which I typically like to do).  There are a lot of lighter, ethereal sounds in this one… a celesta, a harpsichord… and they’re all delayed with so many echoes in the song.  I wanted the feeling to be light and retrospective… the song is an elaborate day-dream and I wanted the sounds to bring our heads up into that space,” she continues.

Grab your friends, jump in the car, and roll the windows down to listen to “Love Songs” below. You won’t regret it!

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Juliet Schroder

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