Kayne West Changes Album name to “Swish” read more here! @KayneWest


Our favorite hip hop artist has made a drastic change to his new album, our only question is why? Kayne West changed the name of his album to “Swish” and were beating our brains trying to figure what this title means. Could it be a way to advertise his new shoe? Is he doing a montague of the 90’s basketball time. Or did he simply change it to keep us guessing and thinking what will be in store of this new album.

Now we remember that he used the same word as the only comment when showing Kim K on the “Break The Internet” photo’s. So is he implying his album will do the same? The original title “So Help Me God” must not of panned out on the boards so for this musical genius we must take his word that this new name will fit.

And as if this didn’t already add to our confusion Lil B is coming out with an album “Hoop Is Life“. All we can say is well done Mr. West, but can you at least point us in the right direction?