Kayne West Releases New Music, Read More Here!

Kayne West

Kayne West has rumored to finally get back to his original teaching’s (yes that was referring to his knock out album “The College Drop Out“) and it seems like he is doing just that. Kayne West (after the promise of Kim K to release new music) has released two new singles “Real Friends” and “No More Party’s In L.A.” Ft. rap artist Kendrick Lamar.

Real Friends” refers to all the changes he has gone through with his friendships since this rapper has reached stardom and some of those issues even involve family members, like the line “I had a cousin who stole my laptop…..“. “No More Party’s In L.A.” from what we were able to listen to is simply a song about just that, unfortunately we only got to hear a snid-bit of this song so hopefully more will be released soon.

Both singles prove Mr.West is awake and ready to show us just who will be taking over 2016. These two new releases are proving that his upcoming album “Swish” will be nothing, but a new album his old and new fan’s alike can obsess over. Until anymore news on the release of “Swish” check out both singles here !