Kelly Clarkson Drops Two New Songs off Upcoming Album “Meaning Of Life”

Listen to “Move You” and “Love So Soft” now.

Vincent Peters

The first tease to Kelly Clarkson‘s first album in two years is finally here!

The OG American Idol winner released two songs off her upcoming album Meaning Of Life, titled “Love So Soft” and “Move You.”

“Love So Soft” is an R&B rhythmic song that tells you that you’ll never feel anything like love.

The second single, titled “Move You,” feels more like a gospel choir, yet it’s only Kelly Clarkson and back up singers making it sound like a whole church choir. The song definitely “moves you” and brings you to tears, specifically these lyrics,

“Like a solemn hallelujah,

like a choir shouts Amen (amen) like your first time falling in love or a stairway up to heaven,

Like a soldier who is falling as he holds his country’s flag and he fights for freedoms calling,

I wanna move you like that.”

It’s safe to say with her killer vocals, Kelly shows us more of her R&B side that has been hiding behind all of the pop anthems she’s been releasing since “Since U Been Gone.”

It seems like “dying” to make a record like this and is really proud of the music she will be putting out. “It’s been a record I’ve been dying to make since I was a kid. It’s very much like a modern take on that 90’s urban R&B pop. In the last ten years I feel like we’ve lost a bit of that in music and it’s what I fell in love with music and it’s why I’m a singer. This record is very much an influence of all the women that I loved,” Clarkson told Entertainment Weekly.


Other celebs tend to agree as well, with Lea Michele stating, “This voice. Always perfection. She’s back!!!!”

Make sure to pick up Kelly Clarkson‘s new album, The Meaning Of Life on Friday, October 27th.

Written by Will Heffernan