Kicking October Off With A Scream

AnnabelleWhat’s a better way to kick-start October right then night terrors from the newest scary movie to hit theaters? “Annabelle” comes out October 3rd, 2014 following up with “Conjuring” from 2013, features the true story of the Warrens, who investigate supernatural occurrences.

Conjuring” featured this demonic doll escaping and now in the movie “Annabelle” its back for a vengeance. This movie was adapted and directed by Peter Safran who got the story from a real life occurrence back in the 1970’s. The actual doll can now be seen in Warrens’ Occult Museum in Monroe Connecticut…..creepy!

This movie stars Ward Horton,  Annabelle Wallis,  Alfre Woodard and more. Its definitely worth the friday night, just make sure you sleep with the lights on for a while. Check out Fandango for tickets and check here for more movie updates!