Emma Ishta Talks ‘Stitchers’ Season 2 Finale & Behind-The-Scenes Fun – Read Our Exclusive Q&A!

Kirsten Clark has been finding more questions than answers on this season of Stitchers. The more she looks into her father, Daniel Stinger, the more questions arise.

Tonight’s season finale won’t be any different. As Kirsten continues to search for more information about her father, she discovers a shocking family secret that will open up a whole new set of questions and will lead her down a dark and dangerous path into her own memories to seek the truth.

Celeb Secrets chatted with Emma Ishta, who plays Kirsten Clark, about the season two finale and what fans can expect from the episode.

“You know, it is the culmination of the whole season and, really, of everyone’s different journeys throughout the season, so we kind of see everyone reach a crisis point and we move from there,” said Ishta.

Although she couldn’t give us too many details about the finale episode, she did talk about Ivy and whether or not she can be trusted and she told us “we’ll definitely get some answers.” Plus, she dished on some great behind-the-scenes fun, so make sure to check out our exclusive Q&A with Ishta below.

The season finale of Stitchers airs Tuesday, May 24 at 10:00pm ET on Freeform.

Celeb Secrets: Kirsten’s spent the whole season trying to find her father and trying to find answers to all of these questions. She also just met her sister last week, so can Ivy be trusted? Will we get any answers about her father tonight?

Emma Ishta: “I think Ivy has a complicated relationship with her father and also with Kirsten. I think that Ivy knows more than Kirsten does, but she knows less than Ivy thinks she does, if that makes any sense, so I think that Kirsten’s father is not being honest with her or with anyone really. So, we’ll definitely get some answers from Ivy tonight and we’ll also get some big questions from Ivy tonight. She has a huge reveal in the episode.”

Celeb Secrets: Your character became obsessed with putting together a mathematic formula to find her father. Do you understand at all what she’s doing? Do the writers explain to you all the terms and technology on this show? Do you do any research for it or do you just kind of go along with it?

Emma Ishta: “(Laughs) Um, you know, all of the equations on the wall are actual, real equations. They come from an actual mathematical book that I actually copied onto the wall (laughs). Not all of them…they usually pertain somewhat to what she’s doing like the equally likely probability equation is an actual equally likely probability equation, but they’re not all necessarily specific to…at a certain point we just kind of had to get equations on the wall (laughs). But I do tend to look into what it is that Kirsten is talking about or doing either when I talk about things that I don’t really understand so that I can support the character that I do understand these methods that she talks about, in as much as they are real or possible.”

Celeb Secrets: Kirsten has more emotions this season after last season, so how has it been trying to navigate that for your character?

Emma Ishta: “It’s been really fun. You know, it’s very rare that you get to play sort of two characters in one and I feel like she’s a very different person than she was last season, so it’s a whole different muscle to flex as an actor and it’s been really fun sort of being able to let loose a little bit more and track her progression, but the challenge is to still try to keep the core of who she is the same, so she’s not entirely recognizable.”

Celeb Secrets: You, the other cast members of the show and the writers have all been sharing photos and stories from behind the scenes and you shared one of Kyle for his birthday with him in the suit. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Emma Ishta: “(Laughs) You know, at the time that we still didn’t know if we were going to do a season three, he had never been in the tank, and it was our last day of filming, and he got into my suit and he just decided that if this was our last day on set ever, he wanted to know what it was like, so he got in (laughs). It was quite funny. I have a lot more pictures and videos of it.”

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Celeb Secrets: Speaking of the last day of filming, you guys haven’t been picked up for a season 3 yet. Fans are obviously advocating for the show to come back. I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet, but they put together this whole video of what the show means to them. 

Emma Ishta: “Oh really, that’s very sweet.”

Celeb Secrets: Yes, so what does it mean to you to have that kind of fan support and what would you like to say to your fans?

Emma Ishta: “Well, you know, it means a lot that something you’ve done has touched people so much and that they care so much to actually put time out of their day into creating pieces of art like that, and we’re grateful and we love them and we thank them for watching and we hope that, you know, our hard work does their expectations and their love of the show justice.”

Celeb Secrets: A little off topic, but you’re expecting a baby soon, or relatively soon, so congratulations! How’s the pregnancy going so far? What have you been doing to kind of prepare? Do you have baby names picked out?

Emma Ishta: “Thank you. We do. We’re pretty prepared. We haven’t got everything sorted out in the room yet (laughs) but, emotionally, I think we’re in a pretty good state. I’ve been doing a lot of yoga, a lot of walking, and I’ve been really fortunate to sort of have this time after finishing shooting the show to put a lot of time into preparing and taking care of my body and the baby, and I’ve been really fortunate as well, I mean, my body’s been very, very good to me and I’ve had a wonderful pregnancy with very, very few negative things about it, so I’ve just enjoyed the whole thing.”

Celeb Secrets: Since we are Celeb Secrets, can you tell us another secret about something that went on behind the scenes?

Emma Ishta: “Most of the men on tonight’s episode, we got as a gift to the crew, a french fry truck with multiple different french fry options, and I’m pretty sure between Kyle, Ritesh and Damon, they may have devoured like twelve boxes of french fries between them (laughs) on that day of shooting. I think I have a picture somewhere. And I also did too (laughs).”

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