Kristin Cavallari Talks Family Easter Prep with Yahoo Makers – Read Here!

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Emerald Duv

Happy Easter, readers!

To get you in that spring spirit, mother, actress, jewelry and fashion designer and author Kristin Cavallari sat down with Yahoo Makers to talk about all things Easter, holiday decorating and how she deals with stress for the holidays. Check out some highlights below!

On Family Easter Preparations: “We decorate a couple weeks before and dye Easter eggs to get the boys excited. We talk about the Easter Bunny and use that to keep the kids on their best behavior! This year Camden helped me make bunny and egg cut outs that we hung around the house. This is the first year Camden actually understands what’s going on so I bought egg and bunny cut outs that we decorated. We put bows, baskets, and tails on the bunnies and drew different patterns on the eggs. No glue was involved which kept the mess down and made it easy for Cam. We also painted eggs then drew on them with chalk which was different and a lot of fun. It was definitely messy for Camden though. He was covered in paint by the time it was done!”

On Holiday Stress: “I do everything I can to keep stress down during the holidays. We’ve hosted Thanksgiving the past few years but I always have everyone bring something to keep my responsibilities down. It can be hard to balance everything but I just focus on my priorities. Part of not being stressed out is learning to let things go and not trying to control everything. The hardest part with balancing everything is missing my boys when I’m gone for a few days. I try to make every trip as short as possible so that I can get home to them. I’m a happier person when I’m working and have something to call my own, making me a better wife and mother, so everybody wins. I’ve just made my family my priority and if something will keep me away for more than a couple days, I either turn it down or bring the kids.”

On Decorating for the Holidays: “I definitely don’t have any secrets. I think I’m similar to most people in that for any big family get-together I like the house to be clean and the kids’ toys picked up. I love having candles lit all around the house, including the bathrooms. Fresh flowers always look nice with appropriate holiday decorations.  I like getting everything ready the week before so that I’m not stressed the morning of… I keep the decorations simple and don’t get too worked up over it. I like the kids to do most of the decorations so the house never looks incredible but it’s fun for the boys and keeps it fun.”

What are some of your family traditions for Easter? Sound off in the comments section below!

Written by Juliet Schroder

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