WATCH: LANY Share Official Video For Single ‘ILYSB’

Rising LA-based band LANY are continuing to take the music world by storm.

Following the recent announcement of their upcoming headline tour this April the kings of aesthetic surprised fans with an unexpected turn by sharing a dark thrilling video for “ILYSB” (i love you so bad).

LANY Announce ‘The LANY Tour’ and Debut Album

The clip starts with what seems to be like an innocent road trip down the coast with the trio Jake Goss, Les Priest, and songwriter and lead vocalist Paul Klien. That was not the case at all, the video turns out to be a mission led by Paul Klien, to take a sinister obsession into their own hands depicting vibes of cult indie film Funny Games.

Speaking about the video, Klein reveals,

“It would have been the least creative, most predictable thing in the world to run thru a field and fly down the PCH in a convertible with the “love of my life”…hand-in-hand, wind-in-hair. I had an opportunity to flip the script, to beautifully blindsided the fan and critic. I turned ‘ILYSB’ into a tragedy of unhealthy obsession and unrequited love that ultimately led to psychotic behavior and total derailment”.

The video reminds me of The 1975‘s Robbers with an array of darkness and emotion. The images of Paul Klein in his room full of photos, in his robe, while dancing and singing into a lollipop show how he’s trying to hide his unhealthy obsession for this woman, but towards the end you see it eating him up leading to his psychotic behavior and destruction at the end.

The video was executed beautifully, with a real tragedy story, and shots of what happens to someone with an unhealthy obsession. This video not only blindsided us, but it was creative, unpredictable, and breathtaking.

But don’t take our word for it, watch the video below:

Kennia Cardenas

Written by Kennia Cardenas