Lauren Marsh Unveils New Single “I Need You Now” – Listen

Plus, the pop singer shares five secrets about her that you wouldn’t know.

Lauren Marsh released her new single “I Need You Now” today and it’s an absolute must listen!

The song is featured on the rising singer/songwriter’s forthcoming EP Revival that is set to be released later this fall. It’s the third track from the project, following “Kids” and “Take Me With You When You Go,”

“Telling someone how you really feel about them can leave you feeling totally vulnerable,” shares Marsh.

“The video for “I Need You Now” is about taking a risk, putting yourself out-there, and going after the love you want while not yet knowing if you’ll get anything back. It takes strength to be vulnerable, and strength to know you could end up feeling hurt. Taking a chance on love can be scary but I think it shows true courage and willingness to live life fully.”

Celeb Secrets sat down with Marsh recently to share with you everything you need to know about her before she makes it big. Check out her five fun facts below and make sure to share your thoughts on the video by leaving a reaction under.

  1. Biggest Fear: BEES! If they’d just get their honey and be gone we wouldn’t have a problem, but they’re so darn curious. This fear includes all of their cousins like wasps, hornets, etc. If it’s flying and it can sting me, I’m 100% screaming.

  2. Guilty Pleasure: Making pasta, pouring a glass of wine, and watching Grey’s Anatomy. It’s my way of relaxing and unwinding. My cat usually wants no part of this.

  3. Weird Quirk: I can only snap with my pinkie finger. It’s pretty quiet, but it’s still a snap!

  4. Fun Fact: While shooting the music video for “Take Me With You,” my team and I were somewhat nicely/somewhat not nicely asked to immediately leave our first location and then had the cops called on us at our third location. It made for an interesting day and we still got all the shots we needed to make the video.

  5. Superstition: We filmed the music video for “Take Me With You” on Friday the 13th, so maybe I don’t have superstitions…but then again we did have a lot of trouble filming without being asked to leave or having the cops called….🤔

Juliet Schroder

Written by Juliet Schroder

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