WATCH: Lauv Drops the “I Like Me Better” Music Video

Stop everything you’re doing and watch this now, because you’re going to want to be able to say you saw it when.

If you’re anything like me, you tend to have wildly emotional reactions to music that speaks to you. Sometimes, the radio or a playlist can kind of just feel like dull background noise until that one special track breaks through it all, hits your eardrums, and changes your life. True confession: that’s what happened with me the first time I heard Lauv‘s incredible hit song, “I Like Me Better.”

The 23-year-old artist’s single has been streamed on Spotify over 80 million times since being released, so the chances are pretty good that you discovered Lauv the same way I did: by skipping through the new music section, on the hunt for something different. From the opening notes of “I Like You Better,” I knew that this song was something special, and immediately couldn’t wait for the rest of the world to notice.

I like me better when I’m with you.

This morning, Lauv released the official music video for the single, and somehow, it made the whole listening experience even better.

Here’s the thing about the song, the music video, and the combination of the two: if you’re currently in a happy relationship (whether it’s romantic OR even shared between BFFs), you are going to find it hard NOT to send along a link to your S.O. And why fight it, share away. Make this song the biggest thing to blow up this year. The words, the visuals, and the story are going to resonate so hard with you, even though you’ve probably never met Lauv and he can’t possibly be singing about your life… right? And if you’re single, you may just find yourself falling in love with the idea of a person who may not even exist or you have yet to discover in your life, the one who is going to bring out all of your best qualities. You’ll want that giddy love you feel when you’re 18, and that forever love you only get when you’re 80, all at the same time, and for 3:25, you’ll feel more confident than you’ve ever been that you’re going to find it. Pretty powerful stuff, right?

Like with his songwriting, Lauv seems to know exactly the sentiment I was talking about even before I typed the above paragraphs. He shared that his latest work is all about self-discovery, and since we can all identify with that struggle, listeners everywhere can find themselves tucked away in his lyrics somewhere.

“Before I started making music as Lauv, I’d lost that sense of who I really was for a while. It seems like a lot of people lose touch with that forever, and end up living a life that’s not really true to who they are,” he said in a press release. “By being so honest in my songs, I want to encourage people to be okay with who they are and what they feel. More than anything else, that’s what drives me to create music in a massive way.”

If you’re already hooked as I imagine you will be, make sure to check out Lauv’s other work — and “I Like Me Better” remixes — on Spotify. (His debut track “The Other” is a good place to start.) You won’t be disappointed.

Kristine Hope Kowalski

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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