Lauv’s Entire Debut Work “I Met You When I Was 18” Is Finally Here

Listen to the four new tracks that are brilliantly rounding out this incredible playlist.

Do you remember awhile back, when Celeb Secrets announced Lauv‘s upcoming tour dates, I teased that I had heard an advanced sneak peek of the singer-songwriter’s latest stuff? And that it was magical? Well now, you don’t have to take my word for it, as we can all freely obsess over the beauty that is I Met You When I Was 18. The artist’s compilation rounded out its last four songs since we last updated you, and they are some of the most poignant and heartstrings-tugging ones yet. (I know, that’s a tall order.)

Today, Lauv officially dropped “Enemies” and “Never Not,” the culmination of the IMYWIW18 playlist. They come as a quick followup to the recent previous two, “Paranoid” and “Bracelet.” While all four are a brilliant quartet to round out this stunning debut work (as he calls it, decidedly not an album),  “Bracelet” just hit me in the gut on first listen  — and 1001st listen as well. Make sure to listen to it below.

I met you when I was 18. is a collection of songs, a story. About moving to New York City when I was 18 and falling in love for the first time,” Lauv shared in a press statement. “A story about trying to figure out your own identity whilst being deeply intertwined with someone else’s. It’s a story that, since I released my first song ‘The Other’ in 2015, has been told a bit out of order. In pieces, in fragments & in moments reminisced, but now here it is, in it’s entirety: I met you when I was 18. not an album, but a body of work nonetheless. I hope you enjoy.”

In case you need a way to freak out about Lauv IRL, know that he’ll be opening for both Demi Lovato and Ed Sheeran on their upcoming tours, plus performing at a whole host of his own show dates. For more info on where you can find him, check out our announcement post.

In the mean time, be sure to check out Lauv’s (complete!!!) I Met You When I Was 18 on Spotify and everywhere else you pick up music.

Kristine Hope Kowalski

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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