Lena Dunham Dishes on ‘Girls’ Final Season and President Trump in NYLON Cover Story

Photo Credit: Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello

From the moment she first surfaced the Hollywood scene, Lena Dunham has become a household name that has resonated with many.  Whether you know her from her popular HBO series, Girls, or for her not-so-shy political opinions, she has taken the world by a storm on her own terms.

“I used to think the worst thing in the world could be for someone to have a thought about you that you didn’t have yourself,” Dunham shared with NYLON. “Now I’m like, ‘Have at it, guys!”

Recently, Dunham graced the cover of NYLON Magazine’s February issue. During this revealing tell-all, she did not hold back on her true feelings on a number of juicy subjects including the upcoming final season of Girls. Although Girls was a big part of her life, she definitely would have done things differently if she had the chance to do so.

“I wouldn’t do another show that starred four white girls…when I wrote the pilot I was 23,” she said. “I was not trying to write the experience of somebody I didn’t know, and not trying to stick a black girl in without understanding the nuance of what her experience of hipster Brooklyn was.”

Photo Credit: Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello, Courtesy of NYLON

With Girls coming to an end around the time of Trump’s Presidential Inauguration, the HBO show makes it a point to highlight the controversy within the election period and how the characters reflected upon it.

“We wrote in a climate where we were thinking a lot about this election, and the election was heating up as we shot the show,” she explains. “That energy for sure made its way into how we tackled topics. I don’t mean to be demurring, but there are some big female issues, more than maybe ever before.”

Not only has the Trump election impacted Girls, but it has also caused Dunham to be very outspoken this election on her negative opinions towards the president elect. However, she hopes that in using Girls‘ platform to illustrate the 2016 Election will hopefully transform into a serious topic of discussion.

“It’s going to be interesting promoting this show right after Trump is inaugurated. The final season definitely tackles some topics that are complicated and wouldn’t be beloved by the incoming administration,” she said. “Hopefully, it’ll bring up important conversations, and not just become the worst Twitter abuse storm in history—or it will..”

Make sure to tune into final season of Girls on Sunday, Feb. 12 at 10 PM on HBO!


Written by Dory Jackson