Lexxi Saal Opens Up About Her Most Personal Single Yet, “Running” – Exclusive

Celeb Secrets learned the powerful story behind the singer’s latest release, and its message is important to share.

You may know Lexxi Saal best for her infectiously catchy songs and their fun and danceable beats. But for her latest single, the 21-year-old singer/songwriter is showing off another side of her impressive range. In her raw new track, “Running,” the performer is hoping to open up conversations about mental health while battling the stigma against depression.

In timing with this new release, Celeb Secrets caught up with Lexxi to hear about how this song was created — and how she hopes to make an impact through its open and honest lyrics. Be sure to catch our exclusive Q&A below.

The average person has about 60,000 thoughts a day, that’s a lot of internal dialogue. I want to let those who are listening know they are not alone and to remind them to turn off their critical inner voice.

Celeb Secrets: Can you tell us how “Running” came to be, and what initially inspired the song?

Lexxi Saal: My fans would write to me often talking about their personal experience and inner struggles that they had been going through.

We are living in a time when it’s okay to talk about mental health issues without social stigma. I want to encourage the people listening to be honest and open with themselves and their thoughts. Raise awareness and keep people talking so those in need of help will know where to go and how to recognize small signs they might need help.

I hope to start conversations. The average person has about 60,000 thoughts a day, that’s a lot of internal dialogue. I want to let those who are listening know they are not alone and to remind them to turn off their critical inner voice. Writing this song started to flow right from the beginning. It was not like I sat down and said “I am going to write a song about….” I sat down at the piano one night and it just came through.

Lexxi Saal Running

Celeb Secrets: This song showcases a very different sound than your other singles: do you also feel that shift?

Lexxi Saal: I feel like art is constantly shifting, and growing within the mood and emotion the artist is in. “Running” has a raw vulnerable sound that my previously released songs never had. I’m excited to show my listeners that side of me.

Celeb Secrets: How did you know when this song was done, and that it had all of the elements you set out to create?

Lexxi Saal: I knew the song was done when it described exactly what one feels when they are influenced by their inner critical voice. I knew it was done when it still moved me after listening and recording it for hours.

Celeb Secrets:  How do you think “Running” represents where you are on your musical journey, and where you still hope to be going?

Lexxi Saal: “Running” is one of my more powerful and raw songs released, it represents me on my musical and writing journey. I hope to continue growing and to be able to shed light and song on topics that others might shy away from talking about due to social stigma.

Celeb Secrets:  How do you hope listeners relate to the message of this song?

Lexxi Saal: I want my listeners to know that they are not alone in what they are going through. In my recording, I wanted to give a raw, vulnerable vocal delivery and let the listeners in my mind a bit.

“What’s it like to be alone in your mind? I’d like to be alone in mine…” is a line that speaks for a lot of us.

Celeb Secrets: How do you think music is able to bring people together, and open up important conversations we may otherwise not have?

Lexxi Saal: Music is a language in itself, one we all can speak… out of tune or not. We can all come together and relate to the topics that are sung about. It is important to touch on these conversations through music because music is one of the biggest and strongest influences to exist.

Celeb Secrets:  Do you think it’s becoming easier than ever before to open up about mental health issues lately, or even more challenging?

Lexxi Saal: I don’t think it is ever going to be “easy” I think it’s definitely becoming less of a social stigma where conversations are being started and people are opening up to the fact that I may be suffering or have a family member or loved one who is suffering and there is treatment out there.

Because at the end of the day if mental illness is left untreated it can wreak havoc on families and result in unnecessary and untimely deaths. A simple acknowledgment perhaps a hand on ones shoulder taking a moment and saying “It seems like you’re going through some things, I can try to help,” might just save a life. Not feeling alone is key, I think.

Celeb Secrets:  What would your advice be for listeners out there who are feeling completely alone in their struggles?

Lexxi Saal: First seek professional help, whether from a school or doctor or family member. Seek help because, like any illness, the sooner you seek treatment sooner you will begin to feel better. And know that all struggles are temporary moments in a glorious life that has been planned for you so keep your inner dialogue positive and you will have a more positive outlook on your beautiful life LIVE IT!

Celeb Secrets:  Are there any other artists’ songs out there that empower you and boost your own mood?

Lexxi Saal: My music taste is always changing, right now I’m listening to a lot of Tom Misch, he is an incredible jazz artist that I am really enjoying. I’m seeing him play live in a few weeks with my sister and I seriously can’t wait.

Be sure to stream Lexxi Saal’s poignant new track “Running,” in the Spotify player above, and leave us all of your reactions after listening below.

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