Liam Payne Dishes On Finding His Solo Sound

In a new interview with Music Choice, the singer dished about the future of his music — and family!

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Liam Payne on location with Music Choice at the Penthouse at Cassa Hotel & Residences and Butter Restaurant, exclusively represented by Team Carte Blanche at Compass

Ever since Liam Payne started off on his solo music career and started a family of his own, I have had two very specific questions about his future rolling around in my mind. First, where is he going to be raising his baby, Bear Payne? (I need to know if I stand a chance at running into this father-son duo hanging out at the park, okay?) And what is his future album going to sound like? (Because all we really know so far is his One Direction work and a handful of catchy singles.)

Luckily, when Liam recently stopped by Music Choice, the interviewers there asked him these two questions.

“I don’t think I have fully settled down yet, to be honest with you…Obviously my life has been on the road the whole time that I have been doing this,” he shared about the idea of settling down. “So I’m more than used to moving to place to place to place. I’ve actually spent a ton of time in New York I’ve recently really grown to love the place, I think it’s amazing. I Love LA, but London will always be home for me, I am an English boy I can’t help it. I do love my home even though the weather is pants….there is much nicer restaurants in a lot of different places.”

So, my small town in New Jersey is off the table, then?

And as for that upcoming album, Liam shares that his past star-studded collaborations have been helping him find his own unique sound that he’s excited to pursue.

“Obviously I got to work with Quevo first off and Ed [Sheeran] and a lot of different people… But for me I really want to tap into that urban scene because it’s what I love,” he shared. “And for me, I want to find a balance between pop and urban: wherever that is. I have done some stuff I recently by myself where I’ve just got this little flow. I sit in my car and write and write and write, write, write. I have my own studio in London which is great, it’s got a real nice little family feel to it. I go in, record a few things; get a few beats off people…That is kind of the way I am working at the moment.”

We can’t wait to hear how it all turns out!

Give Liam’s videos a watch above, and be sure to leave us your reactions below!

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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