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This summer was a complete dream for Life of Dillon. The trio had their single “Overload” his Top 40 and Hot AC and landed a spot on Meghan Trainor‘s sold-out M-TRAIN Tour.

For those of you that are unaware, Life of Dillon initially came to life in 2014, when David joined forces with longtime friends Joe and Robert. Inspired by a free-spirited stranger named Dillon whom they met in the brothers’ birthplace of Brazil, they flew home to London galvanized and driven to write. They carved out an elegant middle ground between dance music and acoustic pop. Life Of Dillon then inked a deal with Disruptor Records—a recently launched joint venture between Sony Music Entertainment CEO Doug Morris and The Chainsmokers’ manager Adam Alpert.

Since then, we have been wondering… when will Life of Dillon be releasing more infectious tracks for our playlists? The answer is next year! The London-based trio has been working hard in the studio preparing for the release of their album, due early 2016.

To hold us over, the guys recently collaborated with Justice Skolnik for an epic remix of Years and Years‘ “Eyes Shut,” which you can check out below — it’s so good!

CelebSecrets4U caught up with Life of Dillon recently to talk all things music, of course! In our interview, the band talks about why they wanted to cover “Eyes Shut,” the origin of their sound, and what they can tease about their new album. They also revealed their dream collaborations (and possibly celebrity crushes?) and some super cool secrets you never knew about them… make sure you read under for more!

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CS4U: What was the inspiration behind covering “Eyes Shut?”

David: “That it’s just a brilliant song!”

CS4U: Your remix of “Eyes Shut” shows a more raw side to your voice, can we expect to hear softer ballets such as this one on the new record?

Joseph: “For sure, I have always thought of the voice to be somewhat akin to a musical instrument. There are so many different ways to express one’s self; not just lyrically, but tonally as well. We’re writing different kinds of songs for the album. We want to push the envelope and constantly push ourselves to up our game so that the fans have something new”

David: “We like to experiment with our voices a lot on different tracks to give them a different feel/tone. When we started playing our music to managements and A&R’s who hadn’t met us, they just assumed there was like five or six members of the band. Personally I’d love to hear more artists experiment with their tones, can you imagine Sam Smith giving it some Elvis haha”

CS4U: It’s almost as if you guys are fearless when it comes to creating music, how would you describe your sound?

Joseph: “Absolutely, I think that you shouldn’t be scared to try new things. This industry can at times focus on boxing artists into specific genres and categories but we don’t believe in genres. We bring something different to the table as individuals and want to create something that hasn’t been done before. I would describe our sound as acoustically and harmonically driven

David: “To me, the feeling you get when listening to our music is like drinking a beer whilst hand-gliding over Hawaii with Jennifer Lawrence … Chill AF haha”

CS4U: What can you tease about the new record?

David: “That it’s f*cking dope and a must listen for 2016! HAHA …seriously though, we’ve put in years of work on this record and we’re really proud of what we’ve managed to create, from the writing, to the recording to the producing, we’ve come a long way from jamming out at school. We also have a few features you’ll know well ;)”

CS4U: Could you tell us how “Life of Dillon” became a trio? 

Joseph: “David and I went to school together. From the get go it was all about music. We used to stay behind after class and write songs. Later that same year I introduced David to Robert. Initially, we all had quite separate roles, I focused on singing, David on the guitar and Robert on production, so it was natural that we wanted to make music together. Now we all dabble in a bit of everything, singing, playing, production”

David: “We started off wanting to write tracks for other artists. While Rob got signed to SONY/ATV in the UK and Joe and I would crash his sessions, the likes of Cover Drive, Evan Ross and loads of other up and coming artists. After 8 years of making music together, not releasing shit ourselves, you can imagine we had a lot of songs. It was most definitely the music that made the band/trio whatever you want to call us, and for us it will always be about the music.”

CS4U: If you could collaborate with any artist or band, who would it be?

Joseph: “Not too long ago, I went to go see Halsey perform in London and she was so sick, and it went beyond just the music… Her presence too was incredible. Not to mention she’s kinda hot.”

David: “Not too long ago I went to see Tori Kelly perform in London, she has the most amazing vocals, she’s someone I’d definitely love to get in the studio with…maybe grab a coffee…catch a movie…candle lit dinner?…I’m not fussy”

CS4U: In 5 years where would you like to see “Life of Dillon” stand in the industry?

Joseph: “In 5 years… That’s hard to say. We’d like to be major players in the game and recognized for our art” – Joseph

David: “Straight up next to The Beatles…or Queen…or like the Foo Fighters or something, not too big…ha” – David

CS4U: Since our website is called CelebSecrets4U, is there a secret about yourself (or the other band members) that you can share with our readers?

Joseph: “Rob and I used to have 14 dogs when living in Lagos, Nigeria. He’ll hate me for saying, but David used to be a cheerleader haha”

David: “Joe is a bloody good dancer but he’ll say he’s shit. Rob is probably the most talented video gamer I’ve ever met lol that guy will whup you at any game”

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