Lily Collins Talks “Love, Rosie,” Shopping with Her Dad and More with Yahoo Style – Read the Interview!

Tierney Gearon for Yahoo Style
Tierney Gearon for Yahoo Style

The first time Lily Collins appeared onscreen, she was two years old. Now at 26-year-old, she stars in the upcoming film Love, Rosie.

The movie, based on the novel Where Rainbows End, is slightly grittier than Lily’s previous roles; her character finds herself a single teen mom.

Lily sat down with Yahoo Style to discuss the new film, acting alongside some of the biggest stars in Hollywood and shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch with her dad. Check out the highlights below!

When her dad would take her shopping as a kid: “I remember we used to go to Abercrombie and Fitch together. We’d have Abercrombie shopping trips together — go figure.”

About acting alongside some of the biggest actresses in Hollywood: I’ve been so fortunate to work with so many successful women who are moms as well. They prove that you can do both in this industry.”

Her mom being her fashion muse and her love of vintage: She was always wearing vintage, and people would put their noses up at her because it wasn’t as fashionable back then. But she rocked it. And when I was growing up, I was really into vintage. She has all the vintage Vivienne Westwood and all these cool pieces that are so hard to find.

About her character in the upcoming film Love, Rosie:  Rosie is very real, and she’s someone who is forced to grow up very quickly. She is a very strong, empowered young female. I found that really inspiring because it was showing this teenage pregnancy in a way that was very uplifting as opposed to negative.

On almost being coming a journalist: I always loved meeting new people and asking the questions other people think are awkward. I have no problem.

Looking ahead to the future: Hollywood is such a fickle place, and you really have to go day to day and with the flow. Things happen so quickly, for the good or the bad. But you also have to know that everything happens for a reason.

Love, Rosie opens in theaters Friday, February 6, 2015.

Written by Juliet Schroder

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