LISTEN: Evee Drops Her “Lone Wolf” Remix

We’ve got this upbeat track on replay!

Need a catchy song with a bold message to add to your summer playlist? Then Evee‘s latest song release is just the thing you need! Her powerful single “Lone Wolf” has officially gotten the Chemistri remix treatment, and now the self-discovery anthem has been transformed into a total dance jam.

“‘Lone Wolf’ digs deep into my personal experience. It’s about embracing change while staying true to who you are,” Evee has said about this song when its original version was released. “I imagine myself as the lone wolf since I’ve never been afraid to venture out into the unknown.  When I create music, I think visually. I write my lyrics to match the world I’m feeling. I pull from my personal experiences in my music. There’s so much depth in experience that people can relate to.”

Evee actually said that because of this personal relationship she has with the song, she was initially hesitant about releasing the new DJ remix of the song.

“I honestly didn’t think I would love it as much as I did because the original was so personal to me,” she said. “When the label played it for me and I wish I can insert a meme here throwing my hands in the air in such a groovy way.”

We’re so glad she decided to share it with us!

Listen to the brand new “Lone Wolf” remix below:

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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