LISTEN: Taylor Swift Drops New Song “Ready For It”

Which we definitely weren’t!

Swifties across the nation received a little surprise when her upcoming track was previewed during Saturday’s Alabama vs Florida State game. Soon after, Taylor Swift released the full version of #ReadyForIt sending everyone into a total frenzy.

Her second song off her forthcoming album Reputation is officially here and it not only caught us all by surprise, but it’s creating a massive debate on who inspired this end-of-summer anthem. Some believe it could be about current bo Joe Alywn while others speculate it might be about Harry Styles.

“Some boys are trying too hard

He don’t try at all though

Younger than my exes

But he acts like such a man, though” -Ready For It

Styles’ song “Two Ghosts” is rumored to be a response to Swifts “Style” because if the similarity in the lyrics:

“Same lips red / Same eyes blue / Same white shirt / Couple more tattoos” -Two Ghosts 

“I got that red lip / Classic thing that you like / You got that long hair slicked back / White T-shirt” -Style

Regardless of who it could be about, the track is an instant hit with music lovers everywhere. “Ready For It” dethrones Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” on the US iTunes chart proving the princess of pop is officially back.