Lo Reveals Her Catchy New Single, “Naked” – Listen

The artist’s sophomore released combines bubblegum beats with a soulful message.


Alt-pop singer/songwriter Lo is back with an infectious new track. The star has just released her upbeat, bubblegum-sounding single, “Naked,” and it’s one that will have you dancing and singing along while also appreciating an inspiring message.

Impressively, this single was completely female-produced and engineered by Lo and Paige Blue. So it’s already an inspiring girl power piece we’re obsessed with.

But the song itself is all about feeling so stripped-down, vulnerable, and well… naked, in front of someone you love — even if you’re fully clothed. Sometimes, it can surprise you to suddenly feel that way. And other times, you can find yourself gradually opening up more and more, letting your “soul undress.” Even more inspiring.

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With a fun beat and catchy hook, this charming song is sure to lift your mood. It is also a lot of fun to dance to, which is important to the dancer-turned-singer.

“I think music has a magical ability to transport people into a feeling or mindset for three minutes at a time — and my goal with my songs is to do just that — make people feel free, confident, and happy!” Lo has previously told us about her musical goals. This track is another amazing example of her bringing that all to life!

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Make sure to give Lo’s latest single, “Naked,” a listen, and leave us your reactions below.

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