Logan Henderson Says Being in Big Time Rush Helped Him Become the Breakout Artist He Is Today

The singer and actor opened up to Celeb Secrets about his upcoming EP, Echoes of Departures and the Endless Street of Dreams Pt. 2, out later this year.

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After finding success as a member of Big Time RushLogan Henderson is ready to show the world the artist he truly is through his solo music.

“Being in Big Time Rush was a great chance for me to learn and that was the first time I was writing some of my first songs ever. It really gave me a sense of what kind artist I wanted to be and what kind of music I wanted to make,” Logan tells Celeb Secrets.

Since the band’s hiatus in 2014, the 30-year-old has been hard at work in the recording studio making music, and released the first taste through his EP Echoes of Departures and the Endless Street of Dreams Pt. 1with part two expected to drop later this year.

“I write music that follows my life, and that’s why you’ll see a lot of different sounds and ideas,” Henderson says. “I’m listening to new music and making new stuff all the time and it makes it much more comfortable in the studio to be free and do what I want.”

Featuring Top 40 single “Pull Me Deep” and tracks like “Disappear” and “End of the World,” the new music shows Logan in a brand new light as his lyrics are more genuine than ever before.

“I’m proud of the work and I hope people take away a good feeling [from listening to it],” he says.

You can learn more about Logan Henderson’s new music by watching our full interview below or by connecting with him on Instagram at @loganhenderson.

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