Loote Drops New Song “Longer Than I Thought” with Joe Jonas – Listen Now

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Have you heard Loote‘s new song yet?

The duo — comprised of Emma Lov and Jackson Foote — just dropped their new song “Longer Than I Thought” with Joe Jonas and it is SUCH a jam.

When asked about the creative direction of the song, Jackson stated, “Longer Than I Thought” was written right around my second year in New York City, after college. Everything in my life was moving forward except for getting over my prior relationship. I thought a new chapter of my life and starting in a new place was going to change that, but the reality was we were still intertwined. Sometimes the strategy of “let enough time pass until we forget how close we used to be” doesn’t bode well for closure and this song is my way of coping with it.”

Emma chimed in saying, “When we first spoke we Joe we immediately all connected over the theme of the song because we were all living it. It’s extremely rare that something like that happens but we knew from that moment that it had to be a collaboration. We hadn’t even met yet, but because we all connected so closely with the song it felt like we already knew each other.”

Joe stated on the song, “I loved this song from the first time I heard it. The message behind it is something a lot of people go through. And, it ain’t fun when you walk through the city and it reminds you of someone from your past.”

The song will be included on single., Loote’s awaited debut EP available on June 15th.

What are your thoughts on “Longer Than I Thought?” Take a listen to the song below and make sure to leave a reaction under!

Written by Juliet Schroder

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