Lorde points out flaws on twitter (@lordemusic)!

There are so many reasons for why we love Lorde; her music, her fashion, and most of all her honesty. Lorde has been known for saying what she wants and not caring what anyone thinks.

lordeLorde isn’t afraid to point out her imperfections, she’s posted a picture on instagram of her wearing her acne cream. She promotes her imperfections and tells girls it’s okay to have flaws, it’s what makes us human. It’s so refreshing!

Photoshop is not only used in magazines, but on artist’s performances. Lorde decided to call the photoshop out on one of her photos taken at one of her South American shows.

Lorde tweeted, along with a picture:
“I find this curious – two photos from today, one edited so my skin is perfect and one real. remember flaws are okay

At just 17 years old, this is very courageous and a great role model for young girls! Flaws are okay, everyone has them and that is something we should all remember-even celebrities have them!

What do you think of Lorde‘s tweet?

Photo: Twitter/Lorde

Written by Kennia Cardenas