Louis Tomlinson Releases His Powerful New Single, “Two Of Us”

The singer’s powerful new song is a touching dedication to his late mother, Johannah Deakin, who passed away in 2016.


At the core of any Louis Tomlinson song, you will find a beautiful, poignant story told with a sad smile. Behind the singer’s new track, “Two of Us,” there is a powerfully raw and emotional tribute to his mom, who passed away in 2016 after battling leukemia. But you will also hear hopefulness, determination, and inspiration in his voice, which make for a gripping song.

When you’re dealing with mourning and grief, there’s not one magical moment where it all goes away. In his latest song, Louis is approaching this topic from a little bit of a distance: the lyrics show that he has clearly worked out so many different kinds of sadness, trauma, and worry in the years after losing his mother. But in the next phase of missing her, he’s moving forward in a way that keeps her memory at the forefront: by holding her in his heart and living his life intentionally for the two of them – together.

Louis’ solo sound consistently reminds me of the 00s pop punk songs I grew up on, the lovable One Direction ballads we still unconditionally love, and a future-thinking vibe that doesn’t sound quite like anything that’s out there on the radio right now. Somehow, he combines all of those special things at once. That’s why there’s nobody else like him in the entire universe.

To accompany this song release, Louis dropped a lyric video that shows only his hands writing out the lyrics on paper. It’s a simple gesture (that I so appreciate, so I can learn the words immediately, all while feeling like I’m peering in at his writing process), but it also reads like a personal letter directly to his mom. As fans, it’s such a treat that we are able to participate in this sweet and emotional gesture – AND simultaneously celebrate a major moment in his solo musical career.

Be sure to listen to Louis Tomlinson’s new song “Two Of Us” above, and leave us all of your reactions below!

Kristine Hope Kowalski

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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