MacKenzie Bourg Shares the Story Behind His New Song “Playlove” – Exclusive

Singer MacKenzie Bourg is back with a brand new song, and an elevated new sound. Celeb Secrets has your behind-the-scenes take on the track.

MacKenzie Bourg

It has been over a year since we’ve last heard new music from MacKenzie Bourg but his latest track is well worth the wait. With the release of his new song “Playlove,” the singer is back with a more mature and developed sound than ever. To celebrate his new style and infectious bop of a trackCeleb Secrets caught up with the artist to hear about the journey that got MacKenzie to this point. Check out our exclusive Q & A interview below.

I feel like being honest in music is the best way to find a genuine connection to the listener.

Celeb Secrets: Can you tell us the story behind “Playlove,” and how it came to be?

MacKenzie Bourg: I was lucky enough to do a session with a super talented production duo The Monarch, as well as one of the best writers I’ve ever worked with, Rollo Spreckley.

Celeb Secrets: How does this single serve as a preview to your upcoming album?

MacKenzie Bourg: I think this single shows people the direction I’m heading as an artist.

Celeb Secrets: How do you think this song reflects where you are in your life and career right now?

MacKenzie Bourg: “Playlove” has a lot of honesty in the verses about my own mental health, and I feel like being honest in music is the best way to find a genuine connection to the listener.

Celeb Secrets: What is your dream vision for how your music will impact others?

MacKenzie Bourg: My dream vision is to make music that someone has to listen to on repeat for like a month. Like when you hear your new favorite song and then play it a million times… I want to make that for someone.

Celeb Secrets: How would you say your sound has evolved over the years?

MacKenzie Bourg: I think as I’ve developed as a writer and an artist, so did my sound. I have recorded hundreds of songs that won’t see the light of day, so to some, it feels like a huge jump sonically…but there were a ton of rough patches along the way that led me to the music I’ve got now.

Celeb Secrets: If listeners are just finding you for the first time, what do you hope they take away from this song as an intro to your music?

MacKenzie Bourg: I hope they take away that a musician and songwriter is pouring his heart out in a song… and that they also think it’s a banger.

Celeb Secrets: Then on the flip side, how would you say your longtime devoted fans are growing up with you as your music as you put out new work?

MacKenzie Bourg: As most of my longtime fans are accustomed to acoustic guitar, this newer stuff doesn’t have a ton of acoustic-based songs. I hope they can see it’s still me playing the instruments and connect in the same way.

Celeb Secrets: Has there ever been a time you felt really discouraged in following your dreams, and how did you push through it?

MacKenzie Bourg: I think that’s the case for every creative. I always feel like release times are filled with anxiety and self-doubt because you want that instant gratification, but it doesn’t always come. Giving up is always in the back of your mind but you have to tell yourself that it’ll happen and there’s a ton of people out there helping me achieve that.

Celeb Secrets: Who are some other artists out there that really inspire you?

MacKenzie Bourg: Bon Iver, Frank Ocean, John Mayer, Kanye West.

Celeb Secrets: For Celeb Secrets, would you be able to share a fun fact about your recording process that not too many people know about?

MacKenzie Bourg: I have a newfound obsession for iced tea as a way to get rid of drinking soda, so for most sessions, I have a random iced tea every day. The worst is when I try to be super healthy and get one with ginger and mint and I just don’t think I can handle that yet, hahaha!

Be sure to listen to MacKenzie Bourg’s latest track, “Playlove,” on Spotify above, and leave us your reactions below!

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