Maddie & Tae Kick Bass in Canada at Boots and Hearts Bass Classic Fishing Tournament (@MaddieAndTae)

Courtesy of Dot Records

Casting a wide net with fans in advance of the August 28 release of their Dot Records’ debut album START HEREMaddie & Tae lived out their lyrics at the Boots and Hearts Bass Classic fishing tournament on Friday (8/7) in Ontario, Canada.

The Academy of Country Music Duo of the Year nominees took home trophies for Second Place Overall as Tae reeled in First Place for Biggest Bass Overall. Later that night the singer-songwriters performed to record crowds at the third annual Boots and Hearts Country music festival where the Examiner boasted, “It’s just two girls but they have a mighty big sound…One of their most distinguishing characteristics is their tight harmony, which is the product of having sung together since high school.”

The avid fishers, who were the only females in the tournament, display their outdoorsy spirit on the buzzed about “Shut Up and Fish.” Depicting a play-by-play from a real-life double date Maddie & Tae went on with two boys, the duo co-wrote the song with Pete Sallis and Aaron Scherz.

I was fishin’, he was wishin’
We were kissin’, I was gettin’
Madder than a hornet in an old Coke can
Gettin’ closer slidin’ over
Crowdin’ up my castin’ shoulder
Reachin’ out and tryin’ to hold my reelin’ hand
And sayin’ I’m pretty
Sayin’ he’s in love
And how it don’t get any better than this
I said yeah it could
Boy if you would shut up and fish

Check out photos from the fishing tournament below!

Written by Juliet Schroder

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