Maddie & Tae’s “Girl in A Country Song” Goes Gold in England

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MADDIE & TAE were having some fun with the notion of the only thing that matters to guy country singers being short shorts, tan legs and a whole lotta hair when they wrote “Girl In A Country Song,” a super-smart rejoinder that was as funny as it was spot-on. Response from non-obvious places was immediate – and resonant: NPR, Late Show with David Letterman, The New YorkerEntertainment Weekly.

When “Girl In A Country Song” hit #1 on Billboard’s Country Singles chart, they became only the third female duo in the chart’s history soar to the top with their first single, as well as they were the fastest moving female debut act in eight years. But hitting the top of the charts, Rolling Stone took notice, followed by The Washington Post, proof that a song can still punch through the static.

All well in good in the land of “The Girl In A Country Song,” but on Sunday, London’s Guardian newspaper picked up Maddie & Tae’s first single. Headlined, “Good ol’ boys in a sulk as country debut puts girls in the driving seat,” the feature considers the state of girls on country radio – and the fact that two 18 year olds from Texas and Oklahoma were able to connect.

“That’s crazy,” says Tae Dye, “When Maddie and I wrote that song, it was kinda to make each other laugh. We mean it, of course, there’s so much more to girls than just what we’re wearing… But the fact that people have responded like this, I guess we’re not the only ones who felt like that.”

“But England?” Maddie Marlow picks up. “For us, just coming to Nashville to write as kids was a big deal… People across the ocean listening to something we wrote and writing about it? That doesn’t seem real.”

It’s been that kind of several weeks for the pair, who’ve met idols Reba McEntire, Shania Twain and Lee Ann Womack, had their picture taken with Vince Vaughn and presented their first award on “The American Country Countdown Awards.” With a few days off for Christmas, the pair – who’ve been on a relentless radio tour – are ready to come back to Nashville and finish the album they were in the midst of recording when “Girl In A Country Song” exploded.

“I don’t wanna say all we wanna do is get back to finishing our record,” Maddie says, “but, honestly, I think what else is to come is so good… And it shows people the rest of who we are! You know, the acoustic instruments… the songwriting… the harmonies… the influences… and I think the journey to get here.”

Laughing Tae continues, “It’s a dream in so many ways! Who’s first single does this? But like a lot of girls, there’s doubt, there’s making mistakes, there’s mean girls, worse boys – and figuring it all out without giving up. You’ll get the rest of it on the album for sure!”

With gold certification and another million Vevo plays – bringing the total over 14 million – for “Girl In A Country Song,” Maddie & Tae have more where that came from. Get ready for the new year and new music for country’s breakthrough golden girls.

Written by Juliet Schroder

Juliet is the founder and executive producer/host of Celeb Secrets and Celeb Secrets Country. When not reporting on the latest news in pop culture and country music, she enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, and exploring the latest fashion trends.

Juliet holds a B.S. in marketing from St. John's University.