Maelyn Jarmon Shares the Best Piece of Advice Coach John Legend Gave Her on ‘The Voice’

Celeb Secrets chatted with the singer just days after being crowed the winner for Season 16.

THE VOICE -- "Live Finale Results" Episode 1616B -- Pictured: Maelyn Jarmon -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice crowned their winner for Season 16 on Tuesday (May 21) and people literally can’t stop talking about it.

Rookie coach John Legend beat out vet Blake Shelton, who had three out of the four finalists left in the competition, with his contestant Maelyn Jarmon. After weeks of fighting her way through battle rounds and live shows, Jarmon was able to capture America’s heart with her twist on songs we all know and love.

“[Right after I won] I went back to my hotel and had 40 members of my family there. They threw a little party for me with a cake and I just spent time with them and that was just so much fun,” Jarmon told Celeb Secrets over the phone yesterday (May 23).

THE VOICE — “Live Finale Results” Episode 1616B — Pictured: (l-r) Maelyn Jarmon, John Legend — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

From working with John Legend and receiving love from Taylor Swift to advice for future contestants and life after the show, Jarmon gave Celeb Secrets the inside scoop on what her full experience was like being on The Voice. Take a read at the full Q&A below and make sure to follow Maelyn on Instagram at @maelynmusic.

Celeb Secrets: What was it like working so closely with John Legend considering he was your coach this past season?

Maelyn Jarmon: “He’s incredible and just the best. From the beginning he was just the most intuitive and insightful person that got to know my voice really well and would suggest things that I didn’t think I could ever do and challenged me and it was so much fun to know he had that much faith in me. It was so validating. He actually said that if I did a duet with him and one with Sarah McLachlan, you wouldn’t be able to tell which one was a Grammy winner and which one was not. He’s just the nicest person.”

Celeb Secrets: What was the best piece of advice John Legend had given you?

Maelyn Jarmon: “When it comes to the advice, it was kind of an unspoken thing, but he really taught me to trust my instincts and trust my artistry. That’s priceless. I think most artists are their own worst critics and I can be too hard on myself sometimes and question myself a lot. He really taught me to be kinder to myself and trust myself more.”

Celeb Secrets: What was your favorite song to perform while on the show?

Maelyn Jarmon: “I will say that before ‘Hallelujah,’ it was probably ‘The Scientist.’ That was a really special one for me and I love that song and I love what it meant to me. ‘Hallelujah’ was its own kind of thing because I was up there right before I started singing thinking to myself about how it was my last solo performance so it was kind of a relief for me and was just really a special moment.”

Celeb Secrets: Do you have any advice for future ‘Voice ‘contestants that are about to be put in your shoes in the upcoming months?

Maelyn Jarmon: “I would say to be honest with who you are and who you want to be as an artist/what you want to say. Not to just be impressive but try to make an impression. People really respond to emotional connection and honesty.”

Celeb Secrets: Okay and we’re all wondering: what was your reaction to Taylor Swift shouting you out on Instagram?

Maelyn Jarmon: “I sent it to my whole family and I freaked out! I mean, that doesn’t happen. I definitely reposted it and was just like, ‘what is my life?’ It was crazy.

Celeb Secrets: What’s on the horizon for you? What can we be on the lookout for in the next couple months?

Maelyn Jarmon: “I will be talking to the record label this week and we will be setting a plan in motion and making sure we’re all on the same page. We’ll be deciding if it’s going to be a single, EP, or an album. Basically ironing out all the details but there will definitely be music no matter what and I will be getting to live performances soon as well!”

Written by Katie Kaupp