MaeMae Renfrow on ‘Hunter Street’ Season 2 – “Amazing and More Mystery!”

The young actress spills the tea on this season of Hunter Street.


Everyone’s favorite show on Nickelodeon Hunter Street – has returned!

From the plot twists to the new characters, so much is unfolding every week on the hit show. For those of you living under a rock, Hunter Street follows the journey of five foster kids on a quest to find their missing parentsWith obstacles at every turn, they must also fight off old family rivals and duplicitous heirs in order to solve the mystery.

We caught up with MaeMae Renfrow, who plays Tess Hunter, to find out what we can expect from this season of the show. She talks her favorite episodes, working with the cast, and what it’s like being apart of the Nickelodeon family!

Take a read at the full Q&A below and make sure to catch brand new episodes of Hunter Street every weekday at 7PM on Nickelodeon.

Celeb Secrets: What has the fan reaction been like since you returned for season 2?

MaeMae: “I think the fan reaction has been really good actually! I’m getting a lot of people screenshotting it, wanting to know more about it. Overall, it’s been really great!”

Celeb Secrets: Season 2 starts off with a brand new mystery – talk to me more about it.

MaeMae: “I can a little without giving too much away! It brings in new characters – which a lot of people are like “what! Omg! Who are these people? What are these?” I think that’s really nice because they’re coming in and we also have some people leaving and people are also freaking about that. I can’t even describe how amazing and more mystery there is – I didn’t think that was possible. I think there’s a lot of cool things with this season. We film in a castle – like an actual castle which I thought was amazing for this season.”

Celeb Secrets: Any future story lines you can share about your character?

MaeMae: “I think Tess kind of stays the same in a way, but herself has actually changed a lot. She’s gotten a lot more open! She starts to show her feelings a little bit more, but she still is a lot like Tess and “no, no, I’m fine! I got it!” I noticed that a lot this season with making the character, but also I noticed she a got a lot more motherly kind of – like she’s a lot more affectionate with people. She hugs, she is more open than before and I think that’s how Tess changed.”

Celeb Secrets: Is there one scene or episode you’re really excited for people to see?

MaeMae: “I think it would definitely be the castle one! Again, it’s in a castle. The shots by the castle are beautiful. We film outside of the castle. It’s all around just amazing and I can not wait for everyone to see those episodes.”

Celeb Secrets: What’s your favorite thing about being a part of this successful hit show?

MaeMae: “My favorite thing would have to be the cast! I love them! They’re like my second family – we’re always messaging each other. We have our own little group chat and we’re always talking to each other. We actually start treating each other like siblings – which we joke around that way and I think that’s the main part why I love this show. I get to work with these amazing people and it really makes the whole experience amazing!”

Celeb Secrets: How do you and the rest of the cast members spend downtime on set?

MaeMae: “For the most part – we’re always playing music. Always dancing, lipsinging – always we play video games, which I love video games and we have like an Xbox in our green room and we’re always playing games on that when some of us aren’t working, we kind of trade off. We’re always pranking each other and just being silly on set.”

Celeb Secrets: Any secrets from behind-the-scenes that you can share with our readers?

MaeMae: “Well, there is one scene that *spoilers* where we’re in a parking garage with a new character that plays Jake and we’re filming, riding bicycles, and my brakes aren’t really working. It was kind of wet and I ran into this wall! In the scene, you won’t see it, which is totally okay – nothing bad happened or anything! It was just really funny because they didn’t move the camera and continued the scene, but the whole time I had run into a wall.”

Celeb Secrets: What do like to do when you’re not working?

MaeMae: “When I’m not working, I like to play video games. I love to hang out with friends, I love to go to thrift stores and shop – I’m more of a vintage clothes fanatic. I’m still pursuing my acting, so I’m doing auditions – stuff like that, but overall, I think I’m hanging out with my friends, doing life.”  

Celeb Secrets: If you could guest star on another Nickelodeon show – past or present – which one would you pick?

MaeMae: “Well, I’d love to do, which I’ve said this before, if I really had to decide I’d love to be on Spongebob like the voice of a character for one episode. Whatever it would be – I would love to be on Spongebob! It would be like a dream came true.”

Celeb Secrets: Who are some of your career idols?

MaeMae: “My career idols would have to be like Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lawrence and that’s pretty much it for my career idols that I look up to and want to kind of follow in their footsteps and learn from them. I think those are the two women I would pick!”

Written by Cassie Hudson