Mags Duval Releases First Single ‘Stay Lonely’ – Listen Here

With so many artists on your radar, you might want to make room for one more – maybe your new obsession!?

Meet 19 year-old Nashville-based singer/songwriter, Mags Duval, who recently released her first single, “Stay Lonely“.

Mags Duval/Twitter

The song was featured on Spotify‘s “New Music Friday” playlist and we’re undeniably fixated with the bold honesty shown in this song.

Mags Duval‘s sound is a unique mix of pop, giving us early 90’s R&B undertones, with a rawness and depth that’s typically unheard of in songs – all by telling a story from a female perspective.

Her honesty is portrayed in her single “Stay Lonely“, where she describes a relatable situation we’ve all been in. She expresses being selfishly in love with someone to the point where we don’t want to be in a relationship, but we want the other to stay lonely – it’s a if we can’t have them, no one can moment.

“It’s not always pretty,” Mags says when asked about the roles we all play in relationships. “You don’t always get to be the good guy.”

Mags began writing songs in her hometown of Clearwater, Florida at the young age of nine. With a long, clear talent for songwriting, Mags is now ready to share her distinct voice and honest lyrics with the music world.
Mags Duval is currently working on her EP, expected to release sometime this year. We can’t wait to hear more relatable, storytelling music from Mags.

Listen to her single below and keep in touch with Mags on her socials @magsduvalmusic.


Kennia Cardenas

Written by Kennia Cardenas